Engineering Plastics is what we do

CNC Routing and Turning, Sawing, Drilling, Milling
Plastic welding, 3D Printing.
TURNING - CNC and conventional
MILLING - CNC and conventional
3D PRINTING - Resin and Filament

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(02) 43 511 492

Material Supply

We carry almost all engineering plastics in both sheet and rod form.
Acrylic - Polycarbonate - PVC - ACM
HDPE - UHMWPE - Seaboard
Nylon - Acetal - PETP - PTFE

We cut to precision, low or high volume cutting of sheet or rod. All sizes cut square and to close tolerance to meet your requirements

CAD Facilities

If you can draw it, we can make it!
Drilled, machined, turned, whatever you need, we can fabricate almost any project you can think of.

Feel free to send us your Drawings or Sketches for a free quote.



 About Us

Nimrod Plastics is a family run Australian business, specialising in the technical applications of thermoplastic materials in engineering environments.
Nimrod supplies a comprehensive range of engineering plastics and has design and application skills to support OEM replacement to the maintenance and the manufacturing section of all industries.

We also have steel and aluminium machining and turning capabilities, allowing Nimrod to be a one stop shop.

  • Supply of engineering sheet and rod
  • CNC routing, turning, milling and engraving
  • High tolerance machining and fabrication
  • Conveyor chain, bearings and components
  • Fast 3D Printing - both resin and filament
  • Plastic welding and repairs
  • Cut to size services

Where are we located?

Come see our store at 1/125 Gavenlock Road, Tuggerah, NSW 2259.

We stock almost all of the materials we sell, so we can provide samples or small pieces for your evaluation

Please feel free to contact us for a free quote.