Custom made plastics to your exact specifications

Products and services

We recognise that very often project timescales are tight and that delivery of a pre-production or prototype product hinges on getting the finished article to the market place ahead of the competition.

Occasionally where no drawing exists for a part we are able to manufacture from a working sample by transferring co-ordinates and dimensions to our CAD/CAM stations.

We take pride on our ability to react quickly & efficiently to our customers’ needs

Some of our Services offered

3D CAD Design

3D CAD Drawings

3D CAD Modelling

Component Design

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Manufacture
Design  And Manufacture

Plastic  Assemblies

Plastic  Components

Plastic  Parts
Plastic  Product Design

Plastic  Products

Plastic  Assembly
Plastic Plastic Moulding Services

Plastic Moulding Supplier

Plastic Mouldings
Plastic Prototype Production

Plastic Prototyping

Plastics Moulders

Thermoplastic Engineering

Much of our business comes from referrals from previous customers who have been very happy with our support.

We recognise the need to adapt to meet the varied requirements of each individual customer.