• Acrylic Sheet available in clear, opal, tints and color
  • Full sheet size 2440 x 1220
  • Cut panels to size available on order
  • Acrylic Rod and Tube available on order
  • Acrylic hinges, knobs, slides, hasps, glue etc. also available

Nimrod Plastics  can custom fabricate in Perspex sheet, acrylic, polycarbonate, and various other plastic products.

We also have a plastic welding service and can complete plastic fabrication by gluing, drilling, thermoforming, bending and polishing for domestic and industrial applications.

Our plastic fabrication offers a viable alternative to expensive tooling for injection or rotary moulded parts.

With our vast array of plastic products and plastic sheets, we can accommodate all your plastic needs and create fully functional solutions for your retail/show areas.

  • Point of sale fabrications
  • Acrylic risers
  • Buffet stands
  • Cake stands
  • Counter top signage
  • Brochure holders
  • Display stands

The material is often used as an alternative to glass. Differences in the properties of the two materials include::

  • PMMA is less dense; its density can range from 1150-1190 kg/m3. This is less than half the density of glass which ranges 2400 to 2800 kg/m3.

  • PMMA has a higher impact strength than glass and will not shatter.

  • PMMA is softer and more easily scratched than glass. This can be overcome with scratch-resistant coatings.

Underwater restaurant five meters below sea level, is encased in PMMA

  • PMMA is typically processed at 240-250 degrees Celsius.

  • PMMA transmits more light (up to 93% of visible light) than glass.

  • Unlike glass, PMMA does not filter ultraviolet (UV) light. PMMA transmits UV light, at best intensity, down to 300 nm. Some manufacturers coat their PMMA with UV films to add this property. On the other hand, PMMA molecules have great UV stability compared to polycarbonate.

  • PMMA allows infrared light of up to 2800 nm wavelength to pass. IR of longer wavelengths, up to 25,000 nm, are essentially blocked. Special formulations of colored PMMA exist to allow specific IR wavelengths to pass while blocking visible light (for remote control or heat sensor applications, for example).

PMMA or Acrylic is a versatile material and has been used in a wide range of fields and applications.

Impact resistant substitute for glass
  • PMMA Acrylic glass is commonly used for constructing residential and commercial aquariums.

  • PMMA is used in the lenses of exterior lights of automobiles.

  • The spectator protection in ice hockey stadiums is made of PMMA.

  • Motorcycle helmet visors

  • Police vehicles for suppression of the people's voice often have the regular glass replaced with acrylic to protect the occupants from thrown objects.