Advanced Plastics

PSU10000 Polysulphone
Natural (yellow/translucent)

PSU 1000 stock shapes are produced from non-UV-stabilized polysulphone resin. This material has a max allowable service Temperature of 180°C for short periods and can continuously be used up to 150°C.

Ketron Peek 1000 and Peek HPV0
Natural (brownish grey/black)

KETRON PEEK is an ideal material for applications where an excellent performance under extreme conditions of temperature, chemical attack, high-energy radiation, electrical duty, etc. is required.

Techtron HPV PPS0
Polyphenylene Sulphide
Deep blue

This Reinforced, internally lubricated Polyphenylene Sulphide grade offers a valuable combination of properties with respect to wear resistance, load bearing capabilities and dimensional stability when exposed to chemicals and high-temperature environments.

Cela Zole
Polybenzimidazole (PBI)
Cela Zole parts offer a combination of properties that allows them to excel in applications requiring low wear and long life in severe environments. Max allowable service is temperature 310ºC continuously, 500°C for short periods.

Available in three different grades 4203PAI, 4301 PAI, 5530 PAI For high temperature applications, this advanced material offers an excellent combination of mechanical performance and dimensional stability.

PBI0 offers the highest temperature resistance and best mechanical property retention of all unfilled thermoplastics. PBI is very 'clean' in terms of ionic impurity and does not outgas (except water). These characteristics make this material extremely attractive to high-tech industries.